Untitled Pearle Harbour Bunker Show! 

"Looking like she sashayed out of a 1940s fashion mag, Pearle Harbour is part deliciously retro, part very much here and now." -Toronto Life Magazine

A quarter-hour digital series and public-access kids’ show parody, exploring the anxiety of our troubled times with humour, glamour, and heart. Starring wartime wonder and tragicomedienne Pearle Harbour. 

"Pearle is a wise, frank, dispenser of truths. She's like Greek tragedy's Cassandra, as played by Eve Arden… she agitates us – in a good and necessary way." - NOW Magazine

Let’s not kid ourselves: THE END IS NIGH, or at least, nigh-er than it has ever been. Consider: ecological devastation, disease, growing piles of trash and nuclear waste, fire, floods, strongmen thumping the drum of fascism with their totally not-small hands, the inevitable tick of the Doomsday Clock… don’tcha just wish you could get away? From it all? Escape someplace that feels soft and cuddly, but is also lead-lined and buried a minimum of 12-feet under the earth itself? The time is right to dust the debris off [Working Title] Bunker Time! with Pearle Harbour -- a T.V. show made for the Cold-War era survivalist AND the kid in you!

"Glamorous, poised, and devastatingly funny." - Xtra Magazine

Created by

Justin Miller

Produced by

Wayne Burns 


Development / Financing 

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