Hosted by Wayne Burns

Dark Nights is a monthly event focused on the investigation of intersectionality between creative mediums, uniting artists and communities through dynamic conversation, and ultimately archiving the talent that resides in Canada.

Dark Nights encourages individuals from all creative backgrounds and personal identities to join us as we continue to establish an intimate container where creative individuals are highlighted and empowered, failure is seen as a tool for growth, and life in the arts is discussed both truthfully and realistically.

Since its genesis in 2015, Dark Nights has held over 30 conversations, with 40 artists, across 13 disciplines through collaborations with some of Toronto's most reputable arts organizations.  


“My experience with Dark Nights was one of the highlights of my year. As someone who spends a lot of time fostering and promoting the up and coming non-binary and queer comedians in Toronto, it’s not very often I’m asked to speak about myself; I actually find it very nerve wracking. Dark Nights made everything feel so accessible and gave me the opportunity to focus on myself for a moment. It was a needed conversation and I wish I could do it again; I had the best time.”

Chanty Marostica, 2018 Top Comic, Just for Laughs


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