Dresser Drawer is a Toronto-based production company that specializes in content that provokes genuine conversation, deconstructs colloquial narrative and establishes space for those who may not always have the opportunity to speak. Since its establishment in 2015, Dresser Drawer continues to carve out a niche for itself as a front-runner in groundbreaking Canadian content.



fastLOVE is a solo performance exploring the ways in which one young man uses pop culture to help process trauma. A multilayered performance that explores the simultaneous danger and power of recreating cinematic moments in everyday life. 

*Workshop performance at 2018 Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre as part of the Bi-Visibility Cabaret. 

**Resident Project at 2019 DiscomfortLAB (Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre). 

Status: Development


Adapted from the critically acclaimed solo show written by Amanda Cordner and David di Giovanni, Body So Fluorescent is a short film that explores the appropriation of black femaleness, racism within the queer community and the boundaries of friendship.  

*Winner of the 2020 OutACTRAto x Inside Out LGBT Film Festival Short Film Competition. 

Short Film: Post-Production


Inspired by Award-Winning Playwright Brian Drader's play, LIAR is a stylish, intimate and subversive queer parable that aims to crack open conversations around consent, queer suicide, ghosting culture and the cost of vulnerability. 

Short Film: 18 Minutes


Using sculpture and video, Curtains creates an intimate dance party for the viewer. Inspired by the lives of six Toronto art-makers who have maintained joe jobs to support their art, we're reminded that refuge from the banal towards the ecstatic comes from wading through the garbage of one's life.

*Premiered at Fluid Fest 2018 as part of the Body in Space: An Art Party by Swallow-A-Bicycle Theatre.  

*Screened at Dark Day Monday's #23 

Installation: 7 minutes


A young woman confronts her past and present romantic partners. Culminating into a meditation on identity, Prey explores how one of the hardest choices one has to make is to simply put themselves first.

*World Premiere - 2018 Female Feedback Film Festival

**Finalist - 2018 Canada Shorts

Short Film: 10 minutes


A group of friends put on a play to cheer up one of their own. This short emphasizes the power film has to shape our lives, through emulation of what we see on screen, and how we can use the medium itself to make harmony look cooler than conflict.

Short Film: 10 minutes


A young man attends an HIV support group with the intention of purposely contracting the virus. 

*World Premiere - 2017 InsideOut

**Official Selection - 2017 NewFest

***Official Selection - 2017 North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 

****Official Selection - 2017 OUTeast Film Festival

*****Official Selection - 2017 Image+Nation 

Short Film: 8 minutes


After a renowned scientist is kidnapped from his home and a bio-nuclear weapon is stolen from a covert bunker in Nevada, Q,, the lead tech engineer and ground support for Fleming, the country’s top clandestine agent, is forced to make a decision between his family and the fate of the world.

*World Premiere - 2016 REELWorld Film Festival

**Winner - Audience Choice Award - 2017 Toronto Youth Shorts

Short Film: 10 minutes


Maria attends her very first parent/teacher meeting with the best of intentions, what follows is a share-all about womanhood and the trials and tribulations of single parenting.

Solo Show: 65 minutes


Two young socialites meet on a park bench in the moments leading up to the kidnapping and sale of a child into the human traffic ring.

Short Film: 5 minutes


An examination of nature’s effect on children and the pleasure that urban residents experience during the exploration of open spaces.

Short Film: 3 minutes




From festival ready films to event planning, we pride ourselves on being able to tackle any project that comes our way with ingenuity and professionalism. From genesis to manifestation, Dresser Drawer is a company that brings ideas to life.

Demo Reel Editing

Boasting over 100,000 + views on Youtube, our demo reels have been used in classrooms, seminars and private coaching sessions around the world. We help performers compile succinct reels that showcase their abilities and get them in the room.

Creative Coaching

We believe that in order to experience breakthroughs people have to feel truly supported in their risks. Using personal success as a barometer, we provide honest and constructive feedback to help artists achieve their goals towards maximum creative output.



"Not only was Wayne the producer of my short, "The Gift Giver", he simultaneously delivered a standout performance in the lead role. Wayne dedicates himself 100% to all aspects of a project, is a true collaborative partner in every sense, and I couldn't have done it without him."

Denis Theriault, Filmmaker

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